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Lincolnshire Swim Club History

It all started on a summer’s day in 1957, when Mrs. Jeanne Nelson suggested to Dick Cromartie, editor the Lincolnshire News, that it would be nice to have a pool where the children could have swim lessons and perhaps a swim team. Although “the pond,” as Spring Lake was then called, was fun for youngsters, it could not offer any kind of organized swim programs…

Since its inception, the Lincolnshire Swim Club has benefited from the concerted effort of enthusiastic residents who believe in the value of a neighborhood pool. Each of the founding committee members contributed experience and expertise that got the pool off to a solid start: Roger Nelson was a general contractor, John Holland, an architect, Dick Cromartie, a salesman, Jim Porcaro, an equipment supplier, Don Choate, a banker and Ralph Alston, an attorney. Their work culminated on Memorial Day, May 30 1959 when the Lincolnshire Swim Club first opened. June 27th 1959 marks the beginning of the Lincolnshire Windjammer Swim Team! The swim club’s original pool (30 feet x 75 feet) and clubhouse were replaced in 1972 by a new eight-lane pool, new clubhouse and new sundeck. In 1989, the swim club installed a new interior, filtration system and deck.

The Lincolnshire Swim Club remains a neighborhood gathering spot where residents meet to relax by the pool, and enjoy the pleasures of summer. Members’ small children get their “feet wet” in the kiddie pool and, when they are ready, move to the big pool to improve their strokes and enjoy a little friendly competition with other north-shore swim clubs.